December 6, 2018


Do u know where we can have software updates for this product. Guys, it can pirate movies too, by connecting your DVD player to the composite input of this player and record it while playing. For these two, you either need to use nero Move it or use the transcode software which I have not yet been able to do. If the Verbatim mediastation works the same way as any other tv recording devices, it should be able to record even when the TV is off since the cable is connected directly to the device. This should probably update your GUI as well pero pwede ring hindi.

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That’s how I’d do it. This is a poor product of Verbatim although picture quality is good, it mediastatikn record shows. It can’t read the subtitles.

Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR Wireless Network Multimedia Recorder 1TB 47541 User Manual

I don’t know why. But since you could record it, have you tried scheduling something then just leave the tv off? I swear by it. Would you know how much mb it takes up for an hour of recording? I tried looking verbqtim one before but no luck. Bought it yesterday due to my cameraman’s prodding. Are you having problems like this too?


This should probably update your GUI as well pero pwede ring hindi. Posted by Adam at But based on your experienced, Mfdiastation we know if this is capable of displaying p resolution output? I use it everyday and it runs a minimum of 6 hours per day.

Basta ang alam ko it updates the number of playable formats. Even if there’s a built in drive, you can still use an external drive as long as it’s plugged through the USB port. Yeah Hf play them directly via usb.

I asked CDrking here in P’que but they said they mediastatiin have it anymore. Hi Adam, I would like to ask what is the movie format of your Blu-ray copy of Avatar?

Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR 1tb Other | eBay

Does not play most mp4 that are usually downloaded in the net, no mkv. Must be a codec issue or something. Hello Adam, I have just gotten a digibox from Skycable. Don’t take my word for it though, it’s better to test it.


Mesiastation by the way, here’s a copy of the manual in case anyone needs it: To be honest I haven’t tried recording anything since I download everything I wanna watch through torrents.

I read somewhere you need the included transcoder program CD for a wide video playback support. Do I connect it before or after the digibox?

Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR 1tb 47540 Other

So far no problems. Best thing I ever spent my money on. Check it after the schedule to see if it recorded. Video quality is almost satisfactory with i its pretty fine.

Verbatim MediaStation 1TB Digital Video Recorder | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

But I have lots of questions. With the digibox I can now see the schedule of programs for most channels. I would like to use it for recording tv shows. It wants to retire anyway.