December 5, 2018


Quoted strings are not working properly, and may not work if you need spaces in parameters and filenames. Are there cables out there to split one DB-9 out to two DB-9s for this type of debugging? Analyzing the error I can see a character was dropped between the PC and the tester. The best idea is to create a special shortcut for each setup you want to use, and set the params in its properties. Normally the terminal screen only shows you the RXD half of the conversation. I’m talking about FreeSerialPortMonitor. Very odd, but it worked and I got some insight into the problem.

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You could just run a second copy of Realterm, but wouldn’t it be nice to see the RXD and TXD data interleaved in the same terminal window?

I should probably rig up a cable to use two serial ports and monitor the hardware, but I doubt I will be able to get that done before I need to have this problem resolved. They seem to have everything these days.

A Tool For Spying On Serial Data

You need a special adaptor with 2 plugs for the PC’s 2 serial ports. Combine capture with filesend to make simple datalogging applications Capture can be fully controlled gealterm the ActiveX interface. Incoming data can be captured to file. Instead, [Piotr] spent less than an hour writing his own simple serial terminal.

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On Jul 11, 9: This means less processor load, screen draws etc. When there is a connection, chars are echoed. Unlike minimising, it disappears from the taskbar. It only has a 4k buffer I believe. A digital ‘scope with a long capture buffer would work too, but AFAIK the ones that can “interpret” async serial streams are rather pricey.

Grant Edwards, Jul 12, The problem I’m seeing is missing or delayed data and I’m pretty confident the program is not the culprit.

Docklight is great for this too. Command Line Parameters Realterm doesn’t save its settings. USB serial ports appear at some port number. Agree with most of the comment except with RTC. Set means data flow is enabled.

FSPM meanwhile keeps scrolling and scrolling for many seconds after the burst is done.

RealTerm Spy Mode | Motherboard Forums

Most PC ports accept non-standard values that the chips divider is capable of generating. V2 If half-duplex is set, then sent strings will be shown on the terminal. In fact, it installs a special driver to do this. Generally they set the corresponding widgets.


Therefore this only works when RealTerm “attaches” at some point in the driver. This will send “commands.

Yes, to some extent you can do that with diodes. Software for both Linux and Windows.

I think you can do the terminal linking with programs like Termite as well. The Monitor checkbox lets the terminal window mose both sides of the conversation ie both the data received through the ain port, and the echo port. I echo all data from the spj to a telnet terminal and it streams in real time. But if it just connects at the same point the program does, it won’t be likely to give me much info.

For this sort of troubleshooting on Windows I use: Sending Files You can dump a file directly to the port. I’m talking about FreeSerialPortMonitor. Scilab is a free matlab like programming language, with good maths and plotting capabilities.