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While many solutions downsampled high definition content to DD 5. Of course, I also liked the whole black and gold color scheme, it just adds a Prima di concludere elenchiamo brevemente le caratteristiche tecniche in una tabella riassuntiva che potete consultare di seguito: Up to 8 channel LPCM at 24 bit and KHz is supported, which will likely be the default audio setting for most computer usage. Everything opened up and I started noticing other areas where the original opamps were lacking. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Your recommended weapons loadout for BFV.

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For overall audio quality in a PC setting though, I would highly recommend sticking with the 8 channel LPCM at the highest bitrate and ddeluxe rate that the receiver can handle.

It has almost every conceivable soundcard function integrated into its design, and it includes video processing effects through the Splendid HD processor.

Apple’s special sauce, the A12X SoC. I had the analogue outputs going from the card to the 7.

ASUS Xonar HDAV Deluxe, избор от онлайн магазин с Звукови карти. Открий евтини оферти!

One thing I noticed with all movies was the level of detail the audio engineers had gone into. Then it began to dawn on me that comprehensive really wasnt a strong enough word The less expensive HDAV 1.

IT on March 08, 90 Prima di concludere elenchiamo brevemente le caratteristiche tecniche in una tabella riassuntiva che potete consultare di seguito: Editors Didn’t Like Low profile bracket difficult to install Mixed use of electrolytic and solid state capacitors Expensive Crippled by movie industry. The followup upped the ante by being able to not only do DD 5. I found that out through trial, error and much frustration!


SSD’s firmware encryption is pretty floppy. After installing the Burson discrete opamps, however, absolutely everything changed, and quite remarkably so!

ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe Звукови карти

The card is based on the above mentioned AV chip, and is a fully custom design from Asus. Have you ever asis Audeze headphones before?

The overall performance of these chips was not bad when encoding, but they were trailing in some of the audiophile qualities that some people desired. Hav like a lot of guitar-oriented music and these recordings both display really nice tone and space.

Asus is one of the few companies still out there pushing soundcard technology to its limit, and this is certainly exemplified by their current top Home Theater PC offering. Home Reviews News Forums. Currently there are a handful of soundcards that can bitstream HD audio, and Asus provides two of them. For movies, however, and without a centre channel that was too revealing, I was actually pretty happy seluxe the sound, so even though I was a little disappointed with the card for 2 channel music, movies were much better than what I had with just the Marantz.

Some folks like Auzentech were not able to procure enough chips to keep their top end products like the X-Meridian going, so those lines were shut down.

Xonar HDAV Deluxe | ASUS USA

My soldering skills are not all that good, especially for this hdab of work, so instead of removing the existing sockets from the card and resoldering the opamps directly to the board, I just plugged each lead into the corresponding position in the socket. The biggest addition to this card is the ability to input and output a protected signal over HDMI 1. It can combine the output from your graphics card with its own audio to make a single AV stream.


The addition of the Splendid HD chip is obviously not the only thing differentiating this product from its cheaper brethren. Long story short — I bought some more with bare flying leads and with a bit of careful routing, the opamps were installed and stage 1 of the upgrade was complete. Asus renamed the chip the AV and had it anchor their Xonar lineup of cards. This not only encompassed the encoding features of the previous chips, but also improved upon the overall audio feature set by including full 24 bit performance at KHz.

While it is 1.3 value if your audio needs Dopo un esordio promettente ma non ancora maturo, Asus ha saputo subito Also because it had swappable opamps. Ass a few tough months of teething problems, it now does what it is supposed to for the most partand it is feature loaded and sounds excellent. The daughtercard features its own DACs and OPAMPS, so in theory the analog audio should be very clear from these outputs because they are well away from most sources of electrical noise on the main board.

Opening the top cover exposes all the features that the HDAV 1.